KlasseWood: You Raise Me Up Solid Wood Series

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Any desks using Black Power Tracks.

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All Pop-Up Socket Desks.
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Maintaining the exact same height-adjusting motors from Germany and the embedded power track that Tyyli is famous for, the KlasseWood series uses solid wood tabletops. The tabletops are also upgraded with chamfered edges on top of the usual sleek curve-in - so much more value packed into this desk!

Adjust the desk to your most comfortable height while standing or sitting! 
Our special combo of the power track + cable net tidies up all usual clutter of wires for you ;)

Difference Between Power Track & Pop-Up Socket

Power Track

  1. Up to 5 adapters at the same time
  2. Comes with 2 universal adapters by default; add-on more as needed
    NoteFree gift adapter campaigns only apply on Power Track Desks.

Pop-Up Socket

  1. One Wireless Charging Pad (Top)
  2. Two USB Ports (Side)
  3. Three Universal Adapters (Side)
  4. Hidden into desk when not in use
    Note: It comes in one whole unit and there is NO NEED to add-on extra adapters. Hence slightly cheaper in comparison to Power Track option.

Why You Need To Buy:

  • Power Option On Desk - Up to 5 plugs at the same time
  • Programmable Height Settings - You can save 3 favourite settings 
  • Streamlined Design with Ergonomic Curve-In
  • Dual Motors for Fast & Stable Motion
  • Low Power Consumption


Power Track Desk

  • 1x Smart Desk with embedded power track
  • 2x Adapters
  • 1x Cable Net

Pop-Up Socket Desk

  • 1x Smart Desk with embedded pop-up socket
  • 1x Cable Net


    Desktop Size Piccolo:  120 (W) x 70 (D) x 2.5 (H) cm
    Regular: 140 (W) x 80 (D) x 2.5 (H) cm
    Grande: 160 (W) x 80 (D) x 2.5 (H) cm
    Height Adjustment Range  70 -120 cm
    Desk Load Capacity 80 kg
    Speed 35-38 mm/s
    Control Panel Programmable Hand Set (Memorizes Your Settings)
    Desktop Material Finger-Joint RubberWood Panels

    Warranty Period:

    3 years for desk frame, motor, power track & adaptors.
    (Please read our Warranty Policy to understand more about the terms & conditions)

    15 Working Days Delivery Guarantee

    We provide a 15 Working Days Delivery Guarantee within coverage regions. If we don't meet the deadline, we will gift you 1 free accessory! Note that this Delivery Guarantee does not apply if "Pre-Order" or "Back-Order" Status is declared above.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews
    Nice product

    For one person use, i think TYYLI recommended very perfect, 140cm is the right size for most people, it can fit nearly everything a person needs on a table


    Wheels is so good on this desks , it can locked and no need to worry it sliding

    Love the desks

    I love the levitating part of this desks, it really satisfying my needs to stand up to work when im sleepy

    Unique table

    Delivery good & good customer service, the quality of Klassewood is unique, very nicely polished and chamfered edge design is nice

    Perfect for my setup

    TTYLI desks quality is one the best ive experience so far. The size are just perfect for my setup